The Camp Alkulana Preservation Society (CAPS), is a group of former campers, counselors and camp volunteers that seek to continue their relationship with Alkulana, much like an alumni association.  CAPS is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, created to support Alkulana.   

To become a member of CAPS, see our Membership page.

CAPS leadership is a group of volunteers, voted by our dues paying members into the following positions for 2021:

Chairperson: Denise Seal
1st Vice Chair: Victoria Sutton
2nd Vice Chair: Julie Leslie Agee
Corresponding Secretary: Pattie Green
Recording Secretary: Gracie Kirkpatrick
Treasurer: Diane A. Perkins
Members-At-Large: Michael Williams, David Powers, Douglas Jordan

CAPS Crest -

The CAPS Crest was designed by Denise Seal and digitally illustrated by Ellen Seal, both former Alkulana counselors.  The crest depicts the rich and humorous history of Alkulana, through familiar camp symbols to generations past and present.